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Intelligent Green Buildings Of Tomorrow

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Intelligent Green Buildings Of Tomorrow
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Let us plan for ..Intelligent Green Buildings  of Tomorrow

Dr. S. V. Ranade,Chairman,Dnyandeep Education &Research Foundation, Sangli

 ABSTRACT :Adoption of Green Building Technology has become mandatory for ensuring sustainable development. However, its wide acceptance would require critical examination of various aspects like energy conservation, cost, strength and durability. Use of modern electronic controls and smart devices can enhance the functionality and performance of green building. Architects should get equipped with technical know-how for planning and designing intelligent green buildings to meet the future needs. Dnyandeep Foundation shall provide all necessary help in this task by networking and knowledge sharing through its website www.envis.org. 

Need of Green Concept: 

Increasing urbanization has given a boost to building industry and number of bungalows, building complexes and multi storied buildings are being designed by architects and engineers with innovative concepts and enhanced features. However, it is observed that in many cases, environmental aspects are ignored leading to uncomfortable habitat and increased maintenance and energy requirements. Green building concept needs to be realized by all concerned with building activity and studied in detail by designers and planners for better built environment. Green or eco-friendly building is often considered as the luxury of wealthy people which is not correct. In fact, it is the necessity of common middle class man who cannot afford to provide air conditioning or pay exorbitant electricity bills.

Critical Appraisal  of Green  Technology:

Green Technology is mandatory for ensuring sustainable development. However, in spite of all out awareness campaigns and promotional efforts, the adoption of this technology has remained marginal and restricted to environmentally conscious or wealthy people with main motive of value addition rather than economy and energy conservation. In case of building industry, the green tagging of building enhances the value and supercedes other non-green competitors in attracting customers. The cost aspect of green building and loss of other functional requirements like security and durability are often concealed by green builders leading to a failure in convincing common man to adopt green building design.   

The main functions of the building are,

  1. To give shelter from environmental factors like Sun’s heat, rain, wind and extreme vagaries of nature like flood and hurricanes.
  2. Provide security to life and property.
  3. Provide privacy.
  4. Durability and Strength.
  5. Aesthetic beauty
  6. Comfortable living

Civil engineering considers strength, durability and cost as the main criteria while selecting materials, planning and construction. Architecture gives more stress on aesthetics and comfort and pays  attention to fulfilling psychological needs of occupants. Green building techniques seek to conserve and utilize natural resources, emphasize eco-friendly construction and think of minimum carbon footprint on global scale.



Green-Tech 2011 At Dubai

Call for Papers

The organizers invite papers from renowned Environmental Engineers, Architects, Builders and Scientists the topics related to the conference themes. Apart from selected papers there will be key note addresses by well known luminaries of Environmental Engineering Sector.

For details and submission dates please download the pdf file Call for Papers at Green-Tech2011